Why Advertising Still Works.

Whether it’s a TV or radio commercial, a direct mail piece or outdoor bulletin board, even a smart phone app or paid search campaign, PAPA can make the benefits of your service or product clear and provide potential customers with a reason to consider what you have to offer. And by integrating your advertising with branding, public relations and web marketing strategies, we can further increase the opportunities to achieve your objectives.

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Contrary to what many people believe about themselves, advertising does influence them. But the best advertising – that is, purchased time and space off or online – succeeds in its ability to slip ideas past our defenses, settle in our memories and influence our behavior. Subtle, engaging and memorable, the best advertising leaves an impression.

Keep in mind that broadcast television still reaches more people than any other medium. Radio still has a monopoly over certain demographics. A well-done magazine ad still can serve as the most targeted channel to a certain affluent and exclusive audience. And that doesn’t even begin to address what you can achieve in the digital world.

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The Power of Media

One of the hallmarks of PAPA’s reputation is our full-service strategic media planning and buying resources. With local, national and international experience on retail, consumer, restaurant, healthcare, business-to-business and technology accounts, we offer our clients full strategic program development and execution to á la carte project work.

Our key strengths include:

  • Proven ability to evaluate the new media landscape and evolve from a more traditional media approach.
  • Expertise in reading the research. Many times it is misread, misunderstood or manipulated.
  • Customized plans that are as unique as the clients’ objectives before we make the media selection and buy. This is our greatest differentiation.
  • Research and analytic tools such as Arbitron, Nielsen, Claritas, Prizm, SRDS, VALS and various geo-demographic research systems as well as Media Audit, Scarborough, Simmons and MRI research.
  • Real-time, online media buying through our proprietary Trading Desk technology. Our online media buying services allow for unique access to powerful audience-based buying that delivers unmatched results through the majority of display inventory made available across leading ad exchanges. Our platform provides efficiencies that allow for negotiation, purchase, trafficking, billing and paying for inventory in real-time. This eliminates redundant workflow and streamlines both the financial and reporting process.

At PAPA, our belief is that many media relationships focus too much on the final transaction. We believe ties need to be forged early in the planning process to create strategic connections to what the client business objectives are so that the media’s resources can be customized to achieve them. We focus on the audience and direct the conversation from one about planning and buying to one of strategy, insight and the creation of shared assets. While that sounds fairly straightforward, it is rather uncommon within the typical buyer seller relationship.

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